The Tax Procedures Act, 2015

Chapter 2

Key Povisions of the Act (s.1)

The key provisions of this act includes:-

  1. Tax registration and deregistration
  2. Tax representatives
  3. Lifting the veil of incorporation
  4. Tax agents
  5. Priority of tax in liquidations and bankruptcy
  6. Collection & recovery of tax (s32)
  7. Priority of tax to other debts
  8. Security for unpaid tax
  9. Sale by distress
  10. Deductions by employers
  11. Freezing of funds
  12. Refund of tax
  13. Reduction of interest rates
  14. Extension of time to pay taxes and file returns
  15. Statute of limitations
  16. Introduction of public and private rulings- Income Tax Act
  17. Use of IT
  18. Higher penalties for offenses committed @2014-2021 All rights reserved
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