Keroche gets a reprieve after KRA is barred from accounts
Sunday March 15 2020

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What started out as a Sh1.1 billion tax demand on November 29, 2006 has now grown nearly tenfold and threatens to ground Kenya’s largest indigenous brewery.

Keroche’s fate now lies with the court system, which has for nearly 15 years kept the taxman at bay.

When KRA demanded Sh1.1 billion from Keroche in 2006, the taxman backdated taxes on the drink for five years, but the brewer went to court to protest the move.

On Friday afternoon, troubled Keroche Industries secured temporary orders stopping the taxman from recovering Sh9.1 billion in taxes from its accounts.

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) had gone for Keroche’s jugular by freezing the brewer’s Equity Bank accounts until the Sh9.1 billion tax demand is paid in full.

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