How KRA Is Losing Revenues To Uganda Over Exorbitant Taxes On Imported Vehicles

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 DOQ : 2020-03-14 14:27:23

If you import a car today in Kenya, you are likely to pay an amount equal to the purchase price or more as taxes to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), thanks to the exorbitant tax regime.

For instance, if the purchase price of a car is Ksh5 million, you will need at least Ksh5 million to clear the vehicle at the port, making it an expensive affair to own a car in the country.

In one instance, the ownerof Ndovu Cement imported a brand new Lamborghini Urus into the country at a cost of Ksh26 million. For clearance and registration in the country, KRA asked for the same amount of money, making it hard for the owner to register the vehicle in the country.

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