Uhuru's Gift to Tax Evaders Tax Amnesty On The Way by 2021

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Kenya’s Taxman will introduce an amnesty programme for income tax, VAT and Excise Duty once the Finance Bill 2020 is passed into law. It is aimed at bringing into the fold thousands of taxpayers KRA is unable to audit yearly, into compliance. Expected beneficiaries include people who filed returns but did not pay taxes, those who have neither filed nor paid due taxes, those who have not applied for their PIN numbers as well as those not registered with iTax.

The Voluntary Tax Disclosure Programme, if approved, will require amendments to the Tax Procedures Act, and will come into effect on January 1st, 2021.

KRA has been battling corporate and individual taxpayers in the Commercial Courts with cases reported almost daily of yet another legal tussle with a taxpayer. It is currently locked in court battles with industrialists Humphrey Kariuki of African Spirits and Tabitha Kariuki, the CEO of Keroche Breweries from whom it is demanding billions. Current cases in court number more than 100.

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