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id : 36    Business Tax     Kenya

Primarosa Flowers Limited

(a) Whether there existed sales variances between the actual auction sales and sales declared by the Appellant;

(b)Whether interest expense that relates to the borrowings should be rest...

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id : 35    Tax Appeals tribunal-Nairobi     Kenya

Ocean Sports (2006) Limited

The Tribunal has studied both parties...

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id : 34    Tax Appeals tribunal-Nairobi     Kenya

Nyeri Water and Sewerage Company

When this Appeal was first called out at 9.15 a.m. this morning during the call over the
Appellant did not appear, the Respondent appeared with a large team ready to proceed for
hearing, d...

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id : 33    Tax Appeals tribunal-Nairobi     Kenya

Nakumatt Holdings Limited

Whether the services offered by Cybercash Limited to the
Appellant are in the nature of management services for which
the Appellant should have remitted withholding tax.
Whether inte...

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id : 32    Tax Appeals tribunal-Nairobi     Kenya

Mocian Limited

a) Whether the net income derived from the sale of the office
suites by The Appellant is capital gains for purposes of
corporation tax or;
b) Whether the net income from the sale of ...

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id : 31    Tax Appeals tribunal-Nairobi     Kenya

Mobile Planet L1mited

i) Whether the appellant purchased software from mms and if so, there was a requirement for maintenance of the said software

ii) Whether payments to the supplier were for imported servic...

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id : 30    Tax Appeals tribunal-Nairobi     Kenya

Maxwell Otieno Odongo

1. Whether there has been delay in presenting the application for
extension of time?

2. Whether the Appellant has satisfied the provisions of Section 13(4) of
the Tax Appeals ...

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id : 29    Tax Appeals tribunal-Nairobi     Kenya

Mastermind Tobacco (K) Limited

1. Whether the cost of computer expenses and related
software expenses are deductible expenditure under
Section 15(1) read together with Section 16(1)(b) of the
Income Tax Act;

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