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id : 4    Tax Appeals Tribunal (TAT)     Kenya

BTB Insurance Brokers Limited

The Issue is whether an intermediary or agent registered under the Insurance Act is subject to excise tax on brokerage commissions earned, under Customs and Excise Act as read together with the amendm...

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id : 3    Tax Appeals Tribunal (TAT)     Kenya

Braeburn Schools Limited

a) Whether the School Fees concession facility was gains or profits from employment to the employees of the appellant

b) What is the value of the gains or profits from employment, if any ...

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id : 2    Customs     Kenya

Bidco Oil Refineries Limited

The alleged dispute between the Appellant and the Customs Services Department of the Kenya Revenue Authority arose out of a contract for import of edible oils and related products from Josovina Commod...

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id : 1    Tax Appeals Tribunal (TAT)     Kenya

´╗┐Awal Limited

I) Whether the Respondent communicated its reasons/basis of its assessment of taxes to the Appellant.

ii) Whether the Respondent's rejection of the Appellant's application for Amnesty was...

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