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Tax Procedures Act 2015

id : 158   cat : Tax Procedures (Tax Agents) Regulations 2019   
4. Functions of tax agents

The functions of a tax agent shall be to—

(a) prepare and submit tax returns on behalf of a taxpayer;

(b) liaise with the Kenya Revenue Authority on behalf of a taxpayer on matters relating to tax;

(c) advise and represent a taxpayer in matters relating to tax before the Commissioner or the Tribunal established under the Tax Appeals Tribunal Act, 2013; and

(d) deal with any other matters that relate to tax on behalf of a taxpayer.
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 DOQ : 2019-11-27 18:18:00



How do we distinguish the returns done by the taxpayer eg PAYE, VAT and WHT and those done by the agent like IT?
This needs to specifically addressed since VAT and IT are related and the agent may carry responsibility that is not his.
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: Nganga Mwangi  DOA   2019-11-18 16:09:17


Accountants or book keepers who are employed in organisations act as the tax agents as they prepare and submit tax returns on behalf of their employer monthly. There section 4(a) should be removed from the regulations
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: Vincent  DOA   2019-11-15 16:34:31


Tax is only one item in the accounts and it is a byproduct of the accounts. Should non- qualified accountants be allowed to deal with tax matters?
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: Mwai  DOA   2019-11-15 10:34:16

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