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Tax Procedures Act 2015

id : 156   cat : Tax Procedures (Tax Agents) Regulations 2019   
6. Conduct of tax agents

A tax agent shall:

(1) act in a professional manner in providing services to his clients to enable them to comply with the requirements of any tax law.

(2) comply with any notice served on the tax agent by the Commissioner within the period specified in the notice;

(3) maintain a register containing the following details—

(a) the names of all his clients;

(b) the date of engagement by each client;

(c) the physical addresses, postal addresses and any other contact details of each client;

(d) information relating to the nature of the business that each client is engaged in; and

(e) such other particulars as the Commissioner may from time to time direct
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 DOQ : 2019-11-27 18:19:45



I think there is a gap as to how one vacate from one client to the other and how you relate and interact with the previous tax agent. There is the risk of client appointing you but then use another agent or accountant to transact tax business there by placing undue responsibility to you.
Secondly, there are those clients you work for but instead of paying you, they get another agent to work for them.
CONCLUSION. There should be a mechanism of transition from one agent to the next.
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: Nganga Mwangi  DOA   2019-11-18 16:18:53


6(2). Comply with any notice served on the agent by the committee and NOT the commissioner.
6(3)(e) Such other particulars as the registration committee may from time to time direct.
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: Kimani  DOA   2019-11-14 22:06:23

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