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id : 150    Online Filing     Kenya

i withheld more tax amount than required from a supplier,how do i make that correction on itax...

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id : 149    none     Kenya

My client wants to import his car to Kenya but it is older than 8 years. What taxes does he needs to...

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id : 148    Accounting     Kenya

Are we required to withhold tax on service level agreements?...

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id : 147    Value Added Tax     Kenya

What the VAT treatment of a service physically performed in Kenya but us and consumption is outside ...

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id : 146    Tax Administration     Tanzania

How much duty can I expect to pay on importation of a second hand motor vehicle?...

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id : 145    Online Filing     Kenya

What are the steps for online tax filing in Kenya?

What are the instructions on filling different tax obligations in the itax platform....

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id : 144    none     Kenya

Who is the commissioner of income tax?...

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id : 143    none     Kenya

What is considered as Management fees for WHT purposes in Kenya?

Are fees charged by an arbitrator in a dispute resolution considered as professional fees...

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id : 142    Value Added Tax     Kenya

How do you determine the VAT rate of a product or Service in Kenya?

Do we charge VAT on generator sales?...

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id : 137    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Value Added Tax(Amendment)Act 2014


I understand that the 2013 VAT Act was changed by Kenya's Value-added Tax (VAT)(A...

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id : 102    Value Added Tax     Kenya

What is the VAT registration threshold in Kenya?

I was asked by a person who is running a small-scale business. The turnover is approximately Kshs. 2...

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id : 101    Customs     KE

I am a registered resident taxpayer. My pin has been deactivated for one of my limited companies.
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id : 100    Business Tax     KE

When are tax returns supposed to be file? I see some are filed monthly others quarterly yet others a...

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id : 99    Business Tax     Kenya

New Regulations on Commercial Rental Income

Afternoon, who has an update on taxation of commercial rental properties and the treatment fo...

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id : 98    Accounting     Kenya

Grant Accounting for CAPEX

Small upcoming utility company prepared her financial statements for fy June 2016. During the said p...

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id : 97    Other     Kenya

Tax Jokes

Does any one of you have tax or accounting jokes?...

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id : 96    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Registration for VAT for Professionals

Hi CPAs. Do professionals eg auditors, engineers, lawyers etc register for VAT irrespective of turn...

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id : 95    Other     Kenya

Purpose of Tax Forum

What is the purpose of this forum?...

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id : 94    Payrolll Tax     Kenya

Taxation for Casual Employees

CPA John what's your take on casual who work daily and are paid 700sh a day.At the end of the month ...

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id : 93    Payrolll Tax     Kenya

Taxation of contract jobs

Urgent. If casual employees wages reach the PAYE bracket do you deduct PAYE.I guess yes.Kingly c...

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id : 92    Business Tax     Kenya

Withholding Tax on Commission to Marketers

Is commission payable to marketers in a sacco taxable and at what rate?...

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id : 91    Business Tax     Kenya

Application of Capital Allowances

Hi CPAs when preparing the PPE theoretical, ehe, in class we were given the rates but in practice d...

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id : 90    Business Tax     Kenya

Taxation of Education Institutions

Hi CPA John kindly advice how are education institutes taxed and at what rate I only know about the ...

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id : 89    Business Tax     Kenya

Commission on Sale of Land

Should we withhold any tax on commision paid to a broker for the sale of land?This applies for a com...

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id : 88    Value Added Tax     Kenya

VAT Registration complications

What would you advise for a company that was not charging VAT but registered for VAT before this la...

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id : 87    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Taxation for Tour operators

The Finance Act 2016 has included the service of tour operators as exempt for VAT.


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id : 86    Business Tax     Kenya

Taxation of Non Resident

Hi CPAs someone please remind me how to tax a foreigner who has a work permit and has a company whic...

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id : 85    Business Tax     Kenya

Taxation of Software

Are softwares subject to VAT and with holding tax? I will aprreciate the various taxes around a soft...

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id : 84    Value Added Tax     Kenya

VAT Rate on Building Materials

Hi guys, is sand & ballast Vatable...

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id : 83    Value Added Tax     Kenya
id : 82    Dispute Resolution     Kenya

Strategy on Estimated Assessments

Dispute Resolution -Morning Team: (a) What options does a tax payer have once he/she has received an...

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id : 81    Business Tax     Kenya

Low Interest Loans to Employees

CPA's help me understand who is suppose to pay for fringe benefit tax in a case where employees are ...

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id : 80    Business Tax     Kenya

Rental Income from Mortgage Property

Hi. If someone has bought a house on mortgage and monthly payment to the bank is 70,000 she has a te...

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id : 79    Accounting     Kenya

Armotisation of Intangible Assets

someone please remind me,after adding amortisation to get the taxable profits what percentage is all...

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id : 78    Accounting     Kenya

Lease Accounting for Plant & Equipment

If a person buy locally heavy equipment for construction and then lease it what are the tax he has t...

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id : 77    Accounting     Kenya

Accounting for Rental Property

Hi CPAs, advise me whether we should treat land and building for rental income purposes owned by a c...

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id : 76    Value Added Tax     Kenya

VAT on Imports

Team..can one claim cutoms VAT the same month you paid?...

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id : 75    Accounting     Kenya

Income & Expenditure Account for Non Profit Entities

For NGO statement of cash flow, which word can you use in place of 'surplus (deficit) ?...

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id : 74    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Processing an Invoice with Withholding VAT

Hallo. Urgent help. I'm processing a payment for training. The invoice has VAT. I'm a withholding VA...

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id : 73    Business Tax     Kenya

Tax Treatment of Staff Meals

Again if employer provide meals to one section in an organization how will that be as far as tax is ...

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id : 72    Business Tax     Kenya

Tax Treatment of Medical Benefits

Hi CPAs, if an employer pays partly medical expenses of its employee, will that be taxable in an NGO...

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id : 71    Other     Kenya

Effects of Dual Registration for NGO

Help me dear CPAs,where an organization registration was in 1993 was under societies act and later ...

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id : 70    Customs     Kenya

Customs Duty Exemptions to a Person with Disability

A person with disability who own a sole proprietor he exempted from Customs?...

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id : 69    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Value Added Tax Benefits to a Person with Disability

A person with disability who own a sole proprietor he exempted from VAT?...

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id : 68    Payroll Tax     Kenya

Income Tax Benefits to a Person with Disability

A person with disability who own a sole proprietor he exempted from Income Tax to a max ...

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id : 67    Value Added Tax     Kenya

VAT Deregistration Procedures

How do we deregister for VAt for companies with Vat penalties and winding up the company...

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id : 66    Payroll TAX     Kenya

PAYE minimum threshold for Tax to Apply.

Quick one: what is the minimum wage before one can start to deduct PAYE?...

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id : 65    Business Tax     Kenya

Tax Incentives on Corporate Bonds

Hi kindly i would like to know the tax treatment of income from corporate bonds and infrastructure ...

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id : 64    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Dealing withWithholding VAT

Good people kindly help me Lest I fall into that trap of not knowing. We have been appointed withhol...

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id : 63    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Consequences of Registering and Not Filing VAT Returns

What would you do if you were employed in an organisation where they have voluntary registered for V...

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