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Taxation for Casual Employees

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CPA John what's your take on casual who work daily and are paid 700sh a day.At the end of the month they will have earned about 17000.When should you charge tax and yet you don't know whether they will be present the next day? Who is a casual?
Asked by : David Ngatho
 DOQ : 2016-11-24 15:25:00
   David Ngatho


Good question CPA David. The Kenyan Tax Law does not recognise the term "CASUAL". However some of these forms of employment could be treated as specific contracts especially for independent skilled labourers and hence application of withholding tax for payments of 24k and above. Part Time Lecturer - PAYE is calculated in full and a payslip issued. Flagged as a duplicate. See also here
Answered by : John Muiruri
 DOA : 2016-11-24
   John Muiruri

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