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VAT on Imports

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Team..can one claim cutoms VAT the same month you paid?
Asked by : Njenga Moses
 DOQ : 2016-09-06 09:32:00
   Njenga Moses


VAT on IMPORTATION of goods : Under the VAT Act 2013, Part VI s17(3), INPUT tax SHALL be ALLOWABLE within SIX months after the END of the month in which the importation occurred and a CUSTOMS ENTRY, duly certified accompanied with a RECEIPT of PAYMENT of the same would be required.
Answered by : John Muiruri
 DOA : 2016-09-07
   John Muiruri
John agreed. Thanks all income must equal expenditure!
   Sinteria Mathew    Sinteria Mathew   2016-09-08 07:05:00

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