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Dealing withWithholding VAT

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Good people kindly help me Lest I fall into that trap of not knowing. We have been appointed withholding VAT agent. I held 6% from Kenya power last month. The figure is now showing in my bill as unpaid. How do I go about it?
Asked by : Floice Anyango
 DOQ : 2016-08-23 06:51:00
   Floice Anyango

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If the amount witheld has been paid to KRA..just pass a journal... Dr -KPLC acnt Cr- VAT WHT act. When u pay Dr-VAT WHT act Cr:Bank Acnt. @ Floice...i get you, once you pay..KPLC will get a certificate from KRA and
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: Njenga Moses  DOA   2016-08-23 07:06:00

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