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Itax Requirements to file VAT Returns

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Hi,how do you handle a case where the client has no pin no. since it's an NGO,but you have charged them vat?While you're filing the vat return and it asks for pin,what should one do?
Asked by : Mod-Tax
 DOQ : 2016-08-16 15:42:00


Pin Registration : Kindly note that offences & penalties are since 2016 found under the Tax Procedure Act 2015 (TPA 2015). Under part III s.8 of the TPA 2015 : A person who accrues or expects to accrue an income tax liability or a value added tax 2013 liability should apply for registration & issued with a pin. Under part-XII s. 81 : Failure to register will result with a penalty of 100,000/- per month up to a maximum of 1milliom.
Answered by : John Muiruri
 DOA : 2016-08-16
   John Muiruri

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