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Paying Payroll Taxes with Cash

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Can I pay PAYE through cash? and what's thr procedure. Kindly help coz am facing deadline challenges
Asked by : Bernard Koros
 DOQ : 2016-08-09 09:58:00
   Bernard Koros
I have used the paybill mode, now need guidance on how to go aboutt with itax.
   Bernard Koros    Bernard Koros   2016-08-09 10:52:00
Thanks vincent fr te guidance
   Bernard Koros    Bernard Koros  2016-08-09 10:05:00

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Paye can be paid via mpesa.choose the cash option and then m-payment as the bank.paybill is 572572 and a/c no is the prn
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: Vincent Mungai  DOA   2016-08-09 10:03:00

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