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PAYE Amended Returns Deadline

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Hi everyone,is there a deadline for filing PAYE amended return?is there a penalty or interest for any additional self assesed Tax in amended return?
Asked by : Vincent Yegon
 DOQ : 2016-07-31 03:59:00
   Vincent Yegon


PAYE Rules : Errors of under/overpayment of PAYE should be corrected in the next month following the error. PAYE Rules : ..and latest Dec of the same year. Before the ITAX was introduced KRA was not particularly interested in errors that were not material and had been corrected any way. Once the year is over the correction is usually done in the employees Annual Return. PAYE Rules : An amended return does not in any way extinguish the penalty of 25% applicable (to the employer) if PAYE is not accounted for and paid by the 9th of the following month. Interest of 2% per month applies for 2015 & prior years as well. For 2016 interest is now 1% per month.
Answered by : John Muiruri
 DOA : 2016-08-01
   John Muiruri
PAYE : Unlike VAT where there is a separate penalty for failing to file a monthly return, failure to file a PAYE return on time MAY not attract a penalty if PAYMENT is done before the deadline of 9th.
   John Muiruri    John Muiruri  2016-08-08 12:20:00

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