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Partnership Taxes

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The income tax act is not very clear on partnership taxation. Is it PAYE or corporation tax? I need to understand this more.
Asked by : Samuel Ngicho
 DOQ : 2016-06-25 21:00:00
   Samuel Ngicho
Thanks brothers for the timely response
   Samuel Ngicho    Samuel Ngicho  2016-06-25 21:00:00

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For partnership is are the one to pay....partnership is not a legal entity
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: Njenga Moses  DOA   2016-06-25 21:00:00


For partnership, the partners will split their net profits as the partnership deed and thereafter each of the partners will do individual tax return and tax deductible as in PAYE.
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: Vincent Ongera  DOA   2016-06-25 21:00:00

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