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Double Tax Agreement Kenya-South-Africa

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Question: one of our SA client says that a DTA with SA was ratified and approved at 0 % is this really true? What i know is that DTAs give a subsidised rate but not 0 %.... Which site can i find the details? Thank you!
Asked by : Lynette Odongo
 DOQ : 2016-06-13 21:00:00
   Lynette Odongo


Double Taxation Agreements (DTA) may cover various taxes and agreements which are specific to the agreed rate of tax and not generalised.

DTA with South Africa
This was effective from 1st JAN 2015. The key provisions are as follows:

  • Abolition of WHT for management services for non-resident INDIVIDUALS.
  • EXEMPTION from local taxes for VISITING professors, teachers & researchers.
  • Standardising WHT on royalties, dividends & Interest to 10% for non-residents.
Answered by : Admin
 DOA : 2016-06-15

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