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How to Apply to be a Tax Agent in Kenya.

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What is the requirement by ICPAK in regards to applying to be a tax agent? My concern is whether ICPAK will give you a good recommendation.
Asked by : David Ngatho
 DOQ : 2016-04-20 21:00:00
   David Ngatho


Legal notice no.60 deals with the appointment of tax agents.

For CPAs you submit your application to ICPAK. The following are the requirements :

  1. a tax compliance certificate TCC

  2. complete the relevant form tax agents application form

  3. be in good standing for ICPAK members

KRA is the body that registers.

You can download the application form by scrolling down to the footer of this page and selecting - form tax-agent.

Finally a fee of kshs. 20,000/- will be required to complete the process.
Answered by : Admin
 DOA : 2016-04-21
I thought they just check if you are in good standing. Does the tax procedures mandate Kra to appoint VAT w/tax AGENTS?
   Phoebe Wakhungu    Phoebe Wakhungu  2016-04-21 21:00:00

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