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id : 21    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Vat on Ticket Sales

Hello CPA's as we still hope for others to join, does anyone know if Vat is charged on ticket sales...

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id : 22    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Appointment of VAT Withholding Agent

I hear kpmg has queried the act on appointment of Vat withholding agents but that's it no one is ke...

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id : 29    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Vat Rate for Exempt Bodies

we are working for a church how do we invoice them has they are exempt from vat. Do we invoice them ...

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id : 31    Value Added Tax     Kenya

What is the vat treatment for EPZ registered companys.

How do we know that a given business is a valid EPZ company. Are EPZ companies exempt from VAT and i...

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id : 41    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Claimability of VAT on Company Car

Can one claim vat on a company car that's not commercial. Eg directors car?...

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id : 43    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Monthly VAT Returns

How do we file monthly VAT return where input tax exceeds out put tax?...

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id : 44    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Attitude of tax authority on Audits

Hi every one... for those who have experienced KRA KRA keen / aggressive on reverse VAT o...

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id : 48    Value Added Tax     Kenya

What is the VAT for Generators

Hi team, pls advice, is generator subject to VAT or is it exempted?...

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id : 49    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Vat rate for Hay and Lucerne.

Is hay and Lucerne animal feeds also exempt from VAT?...

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id : 53    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Refund on Itax

Any person conversant with I tax to assist me. How do we file such refund in the itax system? Or is ...

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id : 59    Value Added Tax     Kenya

VAT on Taxi Business

Should a taxi company be registered for VAT?

Does the taxi fee attract VAT? If so th...

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id : 62    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Itax Requirements to file VAT Returns

Hi,how do you handle a case where the client has no pin no. since it's an NGO,but you have charged t...

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id : 63    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Consequences of Registering and Not Filing VAT Returns

What would you do if you were employed in an organisation where they have voluntary registered for V...

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id : 64    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Dealing withWithholding VAT

Good people kindly help me Lest I fall into that trap of not knowing. We have been appointed withhol...

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id : 67    Value Added Tax     Kenya

VAT Deregistration Procedures

How do we deregister for VAt for companies with Vat penalties and winding up the company...

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id : 69    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Value Added Tax Benefits to a Person with Disability

A person with disability who own a sole proprietor he exempted from VAT?...

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id : 74    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Processing an Invoice with Withholding VAT

Hallo. Urgent help. I'm processing a payment for training. The invoice has VAT. I'm a withholding VA...

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id : 83    Value Added Tax     Kenya
id : 96    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Registration for VAT for Professionals

Hi CPAs. Do professionals eg auditors, engineers, lawyers etc register for VAT irrespective of turn...

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id : 102    Value Added Tax     Kenya

What is the VAT registration threshold in Kenya?

I was asked by a person who is running a small-scale business. The turnover is approximately Kshs. 2...

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id : 142    Value Added Tax     Kenya

How do you determine the VAT rate of a product or Service in Kenya?

Do we charge VAT on generator sales?...

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