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id : 39    Payroll Tax     Kenya

How do we account for Taxes for UN Employees

Employee working in UN are their salaries taxable? If not how do we account for the same....

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id : 55        Kenya

PAYE Amended Returns Deadline

Hi everyone,is there a deadline for filing PAYE amended return?is there a penalty or interest for an...

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id : 56    Payroll Tax     Kenya

PAYE Penalties on Amended Return

Thanks CPA John. Jst make me understand.i run 2 payrolls one of PAYE amt 2M and one of abt 55M .both...

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id : 60    Payroll Tax     Kenya

Paying Payroll Taxes with Cash

Can I pay PAYE through cash? and what's thr procedure. Kindly help coz am facing deadline challenges...

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id : 61    Payroll Tax     Kenya

Filind Return and Making Payment

Can I file PAYE return before making payment?...

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id : 66    Payroll TAX     Kenya

PAYE minimum threshold for Tax to Apply.

Quick one: what is the minimum wage before one can start to deduct PAYE?...

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id : 68    Payroll Tax     Kenya

Income Tax Benefits to a Person with Disability

A person with disability who own a sole proprietor he exempted from Income Tax to a max ...

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