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id : 25    Tax Procedure Act 2015     Kenya

How to Apply to be a Tax Agent in Kenya.

What is the requirement by ICPAK in regards to applying to be a tax agent? My concern is whether ICP...

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id : 31    Value Added Tax     Kenya

What is the vat treatment for EPZ registered companys.

How do we know that a given business is a valid EPZ company. Are EPZ companies exempt from VAT and i...

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id : 59    Value Added Tax     Kenya

VAT on Taxi Business

Should a taxi company be registered for VAT?

Does the taxi fee attract VAT? If so th...

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id : 88    Value Added Tax     Kenya

VAT Registration complications

What would you advise for a company that was not charging VAT but registered for VAT before this la...

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id : 96    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Registration for VAT for Professionals

Hi CPAs. Do professionals eg auditors, engineers, lawyers etc register for VAT irrespective of turn...

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id : 102    Value Added Tax     Kenya

What is the VAT registration threshold in Kenya?

I was asked by a person who is running a small-scale business. The turnover is approximately Kshs. 2...

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