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id : 32    Personal Tax     Kenya

Year End for Personal Tax or Sole Trader

Itax individual who are doing Business dont have Option of financial year end....

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id : 53    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Refund on Itax

Any person conversant with I tax to assist me. How do we file such refund in the itax system? Or is ...

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id : 54    Business Tax     Kenya

Filing Rental Income on Itax

Hi members.rental income of ksh 12000 & below is not taxable as per the budget 2016/2017. However th...

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id : 62    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Itax Requirements to file VAT Returns

Hi,how do you handle a case where the client has no pin no. since it's an NGO,but you have charged t...

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id : 145    Online Filing     Kenya

What are the steps for online tax filing in Kenya?

What are the instructions on filling different tax obligations in the itax platform....

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