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id : 65    Business Tax     Kenya

Tax Incentives on Corporate Bonds

Hi kindly i would like to know the tax treatment of income from corporate bonds and infrastructure ...

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id : 64    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Dealing withWithholding VAT

Good people kindly help me Lest I fall into that trap of not knowing. We have been appointed withhol...

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id : 63    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Consequences of Registering and Not Filing VAT Returns

What would you do if you were employed in an organisation where they have voluntary registered for V...

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id : 62    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Itax Requirements to file VAT Returns

Hi,how do you handle a case where the client has no pin no. since it's an NGO,but you have charged t...

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id : 61    Payroll Tax     Kenya

Filind Return and Making Payment

Can I file PAYE return before making payment?...

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id : 60    Payroll Tax     Kenya

Paying Payroll Taxes with Cash

Can I pay PAYE through cash? and what's thr procedure. Kindly help coz am facing deadline challenges...

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id : 59    Value Added Tax     Kenya

VAT on Taxi Business

Should a taxi company be registered for VAT?

Does the taxi fee attract VAT? If so th...

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id : 58    Business Tax     Kenya

Taxation for Not-for-Profit Organisation

Good morning CPAs, have a burning question.

I work for a community based special scho...

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id : 57    Forum Rules     Kenya

How to handle confidential data.

By show of hands HW many want the one to one abolished?...

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id : 56    Payroll Tax     Kenya

PAYE Penalties on Amended Return

Thanks CPA John. Jst make me understand.i run 2 payrolls one of PAYE amt 2M and one of abt 55M .both...

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id : 55        Kenya

PAYE Amended Returns Deadline

Hi everyone,is there a deadline for filing PAYE amended return?is there a penalty or interest for an...

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id : 54    Business Tax     Kenya

Filing Rental Income on Itax

Hi members.rental income of ksh 12000 & below is not taxable as per the budget 2016/2017. However th...

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id : 53    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Refund on Itax

Any person conversant with I tax to assist me. How do we file such refund in the itax system? Or is ...

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id : 52    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Input VAT on Commercial vehicles

A practical advice required. My client bought a lorry at shs 4,700,000.00 in the name of the busines...

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id : 51    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Value Added Tax for Tour Operators

Vat changes for tour operators, after the budget reading and apart from the exemption of the commis...

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id : 50    Audit     Kenya

Audit Fee Guidelines

Can someone give some clarify or direction on audit fee guidelines position. The first time we were ...

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id : 49    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Vat rate for Hay and Lucerne.

Is hay and Lucerne animal feeds also exempt from VAT?...

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id : 48    Value Added Tax     Kenya

What is the VAT for Generators

Hi team, pls advice, is generator subject to VAT or is it exempted?...

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id : 47    Business tax     Kenya

Partnership Taxes

The income tax act is not very clear on partnership taxation. Is it PAYE or corporation tax? I need ...

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id : 46    Audit     Kenya

Auditor Responsibilities

How is ICPAK dealing with pkf over the imperial bank saga and Deloitte over chase bank false alarm?...

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id : 45    Business Tax     Kenya

Tax Amnesty on Rental Income 2014

Morning ,for the rental amnesty 2014 & 2015 Kra has stated that one should pay the principal in full...

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id : 44    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Attitude of tax authority on Audits

Hi every one... for those who have experienced KRA KRA keen / aggressive on reverse VAT o...

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id : 43    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Monthly VAT Returns

How do we file monthly VAT return where input tax exceeds out put tax?...

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id : 42    Double Taxation Agreements     Kenya

Double Tax Agreement Kenya-South-Africa

Question: one of our SA client says that a DTA with SA was ratified and approved at 0 % is this real...

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id : 41    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Claimability of VAT on Company Car

Can one claim vat on a company car that's not commercial. Eg directors car?...

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