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id : 62    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Itax Requirements to file VAT Returns

Hi,how do you handle a case where the client has no pin no. since it's an NGO,but you have charged t...

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id : 61    Payroll Tax     Kenya

Filind Return and Making Payment

Can I file PAYE return before making payment?...

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id : 60    Payroll Tax     Kenya

Paying Payroll Taxes with Cash

Can I pay PAYE through cash? and what's thr procedure. Kindly help coz am facing deadline challenges...

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id : 59    Value Added Tax     Kenya

VAT on Taxi Business

Should a taxi company be registered for VAT?

Does the taxi fee attract VAT? If so th...

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id : 58    Business Tax     Kenya

Taxation for Not-for-Profit Organisation

Good morning CPAs, have a burning question.

I work for a community based special scho...

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id : 57    Forum Rules     Kenya

How to handle confidential data.

By show of hands HW many want the one to one abolished?...

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id : 56    Payroll Tax     Kenya

PAYE Penalties on Amended Return

Thanks CPA John. Jst make me understand.i run 2 payrolls one of PAYE amt 2M and one of abt 55M .both...

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id : 55        Kenya

PAYE Amended Returns Deadline

Hi everyone,is there a deadline for filing PAYE amended return?is there a penalty or interest for an...

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id : 54    Business Tax     Kenya

Filing Rental Income on Itax

Hi members.rental income of ksh 12000 & below is not taxable as per the budget 2016/2017. However th...

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id : 53    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Refund on Itax

Any person conversant with I tax to assist me. How do we file such refund in the itax system? Or is ...

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id : 52    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Input VAT on Commercial vehicles

A practical advice required. My client bought a lorry at shs 4,700,000.00 in the name of the busines...

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id : 51    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Value Added Tax for Tour Operators

Vat changes for tour operators, after the budget reading and apart from the exemption of the commis...

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id : 50    Audit     Kenya

Audit Fee Guidelines

Can someone give some clarify or direction on audit fee guidelines position. The first time we were ...

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id : 49    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Vat rate for Hay and Lucerne.

Is hay and Lucerne animal feeds also exempt from VAT?...

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id : 48    Value Added Tax     Kenya

What is the VAT for Generators

Hi team, pls advice, is generator subject to VAT or is it exempted?...

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id : 47    Business tax     Kenya

Partnership Taxes

The income tax act is not very clear on partnership taxation. Is it PAYE or corporation tax? I need ...

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id : 46    Audit     Kenya

Auditor Responsibilities

How is ICPAK dealing with pkf over the imperial bank saga and Deloitte over chase bank false alarm?...

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id : 45    Business Tax     Kenya

Tax Amnesty on Rental Income 2014

Morning ,for the rental amnesty 2014 & 2015 Kra has stated that one should pay the principal in full...

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id : 44    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Attitude of tax authority on Audits

Hi every one... for those who have experienced KRA KRA keen / aggressive on reverse VAT o...

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id : 43    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Monthly VAT Returns

How do we file monthly VAT return where input tax exceeds out put tax?...

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id : 42    Double Taxation Agreements     Kenya

Double Tax Agreement Kenya-South-Africa

Question: one of our SA client says that a DTA with SA was ratified and approved at 0 % is this real...

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id : 41    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Claimability of VAT on Company Car

Can one claim vat on a company car that's not commercial. Eg directors car?...

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id : 40    Business tax     Kenya

Are contractors to the UN tax exempt?

What about persons or entities contracted by the UN for a specified should these guys fil...

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id : 39    Payroll Tax     Kenya

How do we account for Taxes for UN Employees

Employee working in UN are their salaries taxable? If not how do we account for the same....

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id : 38    Accounting     Kenya

How to Account for Withholding Tax

How do you treat the withheld tax in the books? Assuming you are the consultant paid from TZ and 15...

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id : 37    Double Taxation Agreements     Kenya

Does Kenya have a DTA with any East African Country

Good evening. Do we have a double taxation treaty with Tanzania? If not, how does EAC come into play...

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id : 36    Business tax     Kenya

How is the first year of operation filed for taxes?

Hi a company was registered in July 2015 and it financial yr runs from Jan to we need to h...

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id : 35    Capital Allowances     Kenya

Allowability of Capital Cost of Residential Property

Morning, is the cost of construction of a residential rental property allowable on an individual? Ho...

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id : 34    Payroll Tax     Kenya

Per-diem How is it treated?

For allownces for staff going out of kenya let say for a there a limit on how much they c...

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id : 33    Company's Act 2015     Kenya

Issues to be addressed: What is the minimum turnover requirement for ltd companies to ...

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id : 32    Personal Tax     Kenya

Year End for Personal Tax or Sole Trader

Itax individual who are doing Business dont have Option of financial year end....

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id : 31    Value Added Tax     Kenya

What is the vat treatment for EPZ registered companys.

How do we know that a given business is a valid EPZ company. Are EPZ companies exempt from VAT and i...

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id : 30    Tax Offences,     Kenya

Remission of Interest

So since remission of interest is silent, then it means no waiver?...

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id : 29    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Vat Rate for Exempt Bodies

we are working for a church how do we invoice them has they are exempt from vat. Do we invoice them ...

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id : 28    Tax Offences     Kenya

Waiver of Interest

On the TPA Act, is it true that there's no more waiver of interest application because the reductio...

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id : 27    Capital Allowances     Kenya

Capital Allowances on Rental Property

Just wanted advice if a company is buying asset for rental income can the company get any tax benefi...

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id : 26    Tax Procedure Act 2015     Kenya

Conflict Between Tax Procedure Act 2015 & Native Tax Law

Tax Procedure Act 2015 (TPA) is inconsistent with vat act 2015 but KRA says that the vat act is the ...

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id : 25    Tax Procedure Act 2015     Kenya

How to Apply to be a Tax Agent in Kenya.

What is the requirement by ICPAK in regards to applying to be a tax agent? My concern is whether ICP...

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id : 24    Business Tax     Kenya

Recovery of business back taxes from employment income.

Can the tax authority recover business tax from your salary. After the business has been abandoned ...

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id : 23    Company Act 2015     Kenya

Small Firms Audit Exemption

We need the requirement for small firms not to be audited reversed or at least the provision not to ...

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id : 22    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Appointment of VAT Withholding Agent

I hear kpmg has queried the act on appointment of Vat withholding agents but that's it no one is ke...

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id : 21    Value Added Tax     Kenya

Vat on Ticket Sales

Hello CPA's as we still hope for others to join, does anyone know if Vat is charged on ticket sales...

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id : 19    Customs     Kenya

Temporary importation of photography and filming equipment

Is filming and photography equipment temporarily brought into Kenya exempted from duty...

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id : 18    Customs     Kenya

Liability to duty

Are donations or gifts liable to duty?...

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id : 17    Customs     Kenya

Duties on books , computers

What duties are levied on computers and books?...

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id : 16    Customs     Kenya

Duty Exemptions

What items are exempt from duty upon importation?...

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id : 15    Customs     Kenya

Customs treatment for returning residents

I am a Kenyan studying abroad and set to come back home soon, what am I entitled to bring into Kenya...

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id : 14    Customs     Kenya

Crossing boarders by car

What are the requirements to enable me travel across Kenyan borders by road with a personal car?...

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id : 13    Customs     Kenya

Duty on Second Hand Vehicles

How much duty can I expect to pay on importation of a second hand motor vehicle?...

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id : 12    Customs     Kenya

Are there any restrictions on import of second hand cars?

What is the maximum age of second hand motor vehicles allowed into the country?...

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